A Toolkit for APN Educators has been launched


APN-Edu – Development of Advanced Practice Education Compentences in Nordic and Baltic Region – Network has launched a toolkit for APN Educators in an hybrid event in Åland.

The network had in May a two-day hybrid event, Shining the light on Advanced Practice Nursing (APN) roles and education, which was intended for APN students and teachers as well as stakeholders. The Advanced Nursing Practice Education network’s subject area is the master level clinical nursing education in the Nordic and Baltic countries.

As healthcare continues to evolve rapidly due to technological advancements, emerging health challenges and shifts in patient care models, the demand for highly skilled nursing professionals has never been greater. Specifically, there has been a surge in demand for Advanced Practice Nurses (APNs) equipped to navigate these complexities. APNs are pivotal in delivering high-quality care, leading teams and innovating healthcare practices.

Responding to these needs, “Navigating the Future: Advanced Practice Nursing Educational Tools for Success” is an indispensable resource for APN educators. This toolkit, a product of collaborative efforts within the APN-EDU network, is specifically designed to address the multifaceted nature of APN education. It covers foundational concepts and roles within the field, advanced curriculum development, teaching strategies and assessment methods. Moreover, the toolkit’s creation by members of the APN-EDU network as part of a network initiative highlights their collective expertise and dedication to advancing APN education.

The toolkit also looks to the future, offering strategies for ensuring the sustainability and relevance of APN education in the face of ongoing healthcare transformations, thus positioning it as a critical solution to the challenges of the sector.


Toolkit is available on our website. You can print or read it on browser.


Nordic/Baltic Advanced Practice Nursing Educators NORDPLUS network was established in 2019. Our aim is to develop advanced practice nursing education in the Nordic and Baltic countries. To achieve this, our network is dedicated to sharing knowledge and best practices among members, colleagues, governments, and key stakeholders.

The Network consists of members from Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Iceland, Lithuania, Norway, Sweden and Åland.