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Chapter 5. Teaching Methods and Techniques in APN Education


Reet Urban, Principal Lecturer,

Josefin Bäckström, Senior Lecturer,

Susanne Friis Søndergård, Associate Professor

Hanna Hopia, Principal Lecturer, Associate Professor,

Marianne Kumlin, Associated Professor



Modern learning-centred methods in higher education represent an innovative approach to teaching and learning that aims to actively engage learners and develop practical skills and knowledge. Teaching methods should support and encourage the understanding that learning can occur in many different ways; traditional lectures and seminars may be only one part of the learning process. Active learning must include various learning activities that engage learners in learning beyond listening and memorising. Effective methods support learners’ active participation. Standard active learning methods include problem-based learning, simulation-based learning and integrating technology into learning. These methods promote learner engagement, critical thinking, problem-solving and decision-making, preparing learners for future academic and professional challenges.

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