Nordic / Baltic Advanced Practice Nursing Educators

The role of advanced nurse practitioners in the Nordic and Baltic countries is still emerging. Nordic/Baltic Advanced Practice Nursing Educators NORDPLUS network was established in 2019. Our aim is to develop advanced practice nursing education in the Nordic and Baltic countries. To achieve this, our network is dedicated to sharing knowledge and best practices among members, colleagues, governments, and key stakeholders. 


What we do 

 Our main activities include: 

  • developing and implementing a further education module for educators involved with the APN program 
  • creating a pedagogical toolkit for APN educators 
  • organizing events to support and enhance the development of APN roles in health care 
  • Knowledge dissemination about APN roles and education
  • Stakeholder engagement and policy influence concerning the roles of APN in health care settings 

 The Network consists of members from Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Iceland, Lithuania, Norway, Sweden and Åland. 

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Contact us

Network Coordinator 2024: Turku University of Applied Sciences

Virpi Sulosaari, PhD, Principal lecturer
Turku University of Applied Sciences

Marlene Karlsson, Project Advisor
Turku University of Applied Sciences