Three nurse students practising by the patient bed.

Chapter 4: Curriculum Design in APN Education


Hanna Hopia, Principal Lecturer, Associate Professor

Salla Grommi, Lecturer,

Johanna Heikkilä, Chief Advisor, Associate Professor




The position of Advanced Practice Nursing (APN) educator involves blending expertise in nursing science with effective teaching skills, similar to traditional nurse educators. Although a specific competency framework for APN educators is still in development, key elements include proficiency in curriculum development and the ability to integrate global knowledge with local needs. APN educators also need to show innovation skills, research capacity and leadership in order to continually enhance nursing education.

Responding to this need, the APN-EDU network has produced a comprehensive curriculum for APN educators. This curriculum aims to enhance APN educators’ capacity to build, implement and evaluate degree programmes tailored to master’s level Advanced Nursing Practice. By aligning with international standards and involving local stakeholders, the curriculum aims to develop educators capable of shaping the future of Advanced Practice Nursing education.

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